Map the best ones adequacy opportunities in your processes


With RobotEasy’s Innovation HUB RobotEasy it is possible to capture opportunities for improvement in your in your company and choose what is most profitable for your business.

A unique and complete tool

The RobotEasy HUB is a unique tool. With it you can perform a calculation that we call Score to score each of the registered opportunities according to your criteria, all totally parameterized by you. This Score has the capacity to generate a ranking of opportunities, favoring the most impactful for your business and showing you, in a very simple way, which ones are worth investing in.

Choose the most profitable ideas

The tool has a fully adaptable intelligence to the company’s preferences so that it is able to rank and demonstrate which opportunities will be most beneficial for your business. It performs the calculation of the main performance indicators used by the market as ROI, paybackFTE, among others.

Find the best opportunities

The RobotEasy HUB is a tool that offers a special feature: with our SCORE system, you can assign points to each of the registered opportunities according to the criteria you set. This score has the ability to generate a ranking of opportunities, highlighting those that have a greater impact on your business and easily showing which ones are worth investing in.

How the RobotEasy HUB helps your company

Initiative Backlog

All employees in your company will be able to suggest improvements generating a backlog of initiatives in all areas of your business.

Criticality Assessment

Triage incoming opportunities to classify the applicable solution type and criticality.

Complexity X ROI

THE HUB applies its intelligence to calculate and elect the most profitable and impactful opportunities for the improvement of your business.

Prioritization Roadmap

Boost your company’s growth with strategic project management, with resource optimization and team collaboration.

Innovation Conveyor

Track the implementation and the results generated after the implementation of the improvement, confirming in how long the project generated ROI for the business.

Measure the success of your company's projects with the RobotEasy HUB


A channel to receive opportunities collaboratively from all areas of your business

The HUB is an open creativity tool, i.e. it has no funnel for entering opportunities. This means that all employees will have total freedom to register their suggestions for improvement based on their own routines. The responsibility of applying a filter to these opportunities will be the responsibility of a specialist who will evaluate and may approve (or not) each one of them.

The HUB will help you obtain the most varied indicators such as: return on investment, gains in costs and in hours, and a multitude of other possibilities.

It offers almost 20 chart options for you to choose which data you need to collect. It has never been so easy to measure the efficiency of a project put in place in your business.


Track the performance of the automations deployed in real time

The HUB shows you the results obtained with the implantation of its process improvements.


More than 20 graphs are available in the HUB so you can measure the the success of the projects applied.

HUB + STUDIO RobotEasy

The platforms work together to measure in real time the ROI generated by an automation, the moment it is executed.