Monthly electronic time and attendance reports printed automatically and on time

The robot can print and organize control reports

Every month the HR team has the task of closing electronic points, hours worked or payroll. Regardless of the number of employees in the company, this period is always a bottleneck.

Any standardized process with defined rules can be automated. The robot has no limits.

Print Reports

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Apply Formulas for Calculations

You can apply formulas or calculations according to predefined rules. The robot can calculate values, dates, periods, etc.

Scheduled Processes

The execution of the robot can happen according to the customer’s needs, occurring daily, monthly, several times a dayseveral times a day or according to a pre-defined event.

Notifies the Responsible Persons

The robot does not just perform tasks. It can also notify people about its execution, possible disagreements in conciliations and much more.

Automate your routine HR tasks and free up valuable time for strategic activities with the RPA solution.