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Why is RPA the first step to digital transformation in your business?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a software robot, which can do the same tasks that a human being would do in a system.

The robot acts as a digital assistant, operating 24×7, but faster and more precisely.

The same way a macro automates operations on a spreadsheet, RPA can automate operations by integrating any system, website or digital document.

Automate your processes with the RobotEasy platform.

A platform with the features of the best RPA platforms on the market.

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What do our customers say?

“In addition to serving 500 to 700 customers a day, the RPA solution brought us 7 times MORE GAIN and a lot of autonomy to execute our processes.”

Alan Leandro
IT Manager | Krona

“I just have to thank! The robot helped a lot. If it wasn’t for the Roboteasy team to understand and help in the process none of this would have happened.”

Eder Gouveia
Billing Supervisor | Debit Center

“With the partnership with Roboteasy we were able to implement some processes that were already structured with the RPA solution. We were able to automate them and save our employees time for activities that we consider more “noble”. This delivery was a great success and gave much more return to our company.”

Gisele Oliveira
Systems Coordinator | Valorem

“Registering my satisfaction and joy, in particular, and also that of the rest of the MLC team involved with the robot theme, both with the result that RobotEasy is providing (productivity and quality), and with the degree of objectivity, professionalism and dedication of the entire team with whom we had contact. Congratulations on the work you do and thank you very much!”

Humberto Dominoni
MLC Logística

“In the partnership with RobotEasy, for us, what I would like to highlight is the autonomy of being able to work on the RPAs indoors. Without depending on a third party or the partner itself whenever there is a process change. With RobotEasy , we gained a lot in agility in the process.”

Marcel Durante
IT Coordinator | COFCO International

“We were able to achieve all our objectives, compared to what we had before, we noticed a very large gain for users in terms of autonomy and visibility of their processes. In the new model with RobotEasy, we stopped depending so much on the IT team and we achieved more autonomy in our daily activities and of our users. “

Marcos Rafael
IT Coordinator | COFCO


1. Does RPA work with any ERP software or website?

Yes, RobotEasy robotic process automation works by integrating any government software or portal. Our solution also integrates data from other applications such as Power BI, Excel or Google Drive spreadsheets.

2. My company has legacy systems. Do I need to upgrade or change my software?

No, it is not necessary. RobotEasy RPA is a great solution for companies that have legacy systems and want to avoid overwhelming the team with software replacement and new personnel training.

3. Do I need an I.T. team dedicated to RPA maintenance?

In most cases, the I.T. team is required for technical prerequisites evaluation process only. In all other cases, it is up to the customer’s discretion what level of participation this team will have.

4. Is it possible to purchase ready-made robots or do I have to build them?

The contract model is adjusted to the needs of each company. RobotEasy has ready-made robots available, but it is also possible to build robots according to the needs of each business.

5. Is it possible to train my team to build robots?

Yes, we can train a member, or more, of your team to use our platform in order to build robots according to the demand of your business. The person does not need to have programming skills, as our platform is very intuitive and low-code (requires no or little knowledge of programming languages).

6. How can I know what the robot has done in my systems?

You are always in control of the robot’s activities. By accessing RobotEasy Orchestrator you can view all the actions that the RPA has executed in your system, with date and time.

7. How does the robot operate? Does it act directly on my database? What is the security level of RPA?

RobotEasy RPA operates as a human user would on a system. It accesses the same interface that a person would use to do the operation. It does not perform any direct operation on your database. In addition, the robot operates strictly within the commands that were recorded during its creation. A password vault stores the passwords that the robot needs to enter the operating environment, so they cannot be accessed in any other way.

8. What are the technical requirements?

Usually no equipment upgrades are required. A computer must be made available for the robot to operate. It is not possible for a human user to perform operations at the same time as the robot performs its functions. But it is possible to program it to work at alternative times or even 24 hours, 7 days a week, always at a faster pace and higher accuracy than a human operator woud do.

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