Know the health of your processes with artificial intelligence applied to the business

Process Mining RobotEasy

O Process Mining RobotEasymaps and quantitatively analyzes
the processes to drive your strategy and streamline your decisions
in the company. With it, you can see how your company is doing
operating and evolving over time.

How Process Mining RobotEasy will help your company

Artificial Intelligence

O Process Mining analyzes the processes performed in your company and uses historical data to bring valuable insights.

Automation Opportunity

With the process health map it is possible to easily identify ooportunitys for automation in your business.

Efficiency Management

Use the intellectual capital of your employees intelligently, eliminating repetitive processes that a robot could perform.

Transparency and Clarity

Be clear about the health of your internal processes, to know where to act massively to achieve to obtain improvements in your company.

What can Process Mining do?

Using Historical Data to obtain statistics of your internal processes.
Generation of processes in BPM to analyze de visually the improvements that need to be applied in your business.
Accelerate the digital transformation your business using BPM of your processes to generate robots that automate tasks.  

Total control with Process Mining

RobotEasy Process Mining maps and deeply analyzes processes, providing targeted strategy and agile decisions within your company. With this tool, you will clearly visualize the indicators and closely follow the operation of your company.

Transform the way your company operates with Process Mining RobotEasy technology