Reduce hours invested in launches of notes and attendance at service portals

Posting expense notes to your system can be fast and automatic

Using an RPA robot, it is possible to capture the data required for posting of expenses from a spreadsheet or e-mail and perform the in an automated manner in your internal system.  

Your employees will be able to concentrate on high-value while the robot takes care of entering notes into the system. 

How the product helps the customer's company


Captures a list of data from spreadsheets to perform postings


Captures e-mails using keywords, can download attachments and mine information

Web site or systems

Accesses portals, banks or other sites on the web or captures data from other systems (internal or external)

API or Database

Performs connection via API or access to databases available for access

How the product helps the customer's company

The analysts’ decision making becomes necessary only when the robot indicates divergences in the process, such as incorrect data on the bill issued by the supplier or situations specified by the customer.

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