Integration between load control systems and automated load release

Integration between logistics systems

The RPA robot robot will be able to integrate carrier systems, portals e ERPs systems to automatically capture, download or map documents, load releases, check weights, requests for deliveryweights, requests for requests for invoice issuance, weighing validations, etc.

Automatic Load Release

Before the loading release, the RPA robot performs the reconciliation dthe CNPJs involved in the operation, comparison of load weighings between sectionsevaluation of classification of loads. The RPA robot can warn the logistics operator only in case of a divergence in the operation, drastically reducing your employees’ manual conference work.

Data capture of DANFE, DAMDFE, DACTE, among others

It is possible to automate the retirement of tax documents involved in in transport operations such as NF-e, CT-e, MDF-e generating compliance operations. The RPA robot is even capable of notifying its employees if any tax rules are out of line.

Integrate carrier systems, portals, and ERPs automatically.