Build your own automations

Studio RobotEasy is the first Brazilian RPA automation platform with a drag-and-drop interface, allowing business users and software developers to build robots.

Create your Automation

Studio RobotEasy has more than 400 objects available for you to drag and drop and create your RPA automations simply and at the speed you need.

How Studio RobotEasy will help your company

Increased efficiency

Don’t waste time on repetitive tasks! Invest your staff’s time in activities that require specific knowledge.

Reduction of errors

The robot will always perform the processes in the same way, reducing to zero the risk of errors in repetitive tasks tasks that today performed manually.

Scale operations

These robots operate like digital collaborators, working 24/7 with precision and speed.


User-friendly interface for all people automate whatever they want

With the development mode in low codethe platform becomes accessible to all audiences. The own business owners will be able to automate the processes in their own areas.

Agile Implementation

No advanced programming knowledge is required to build your own automations.

Continuous Improvement

Having the robot built in hand, any change or improvement in your your processes is easily reflected in the robot.

More efficiency

Repetitive and time-consuming tasks are executed quickly and accurately. Thus, your team focuses on activities and higher added value.


Record your process and Studio generates your robot automatically

Roboteasy’s RPA development platform Roboteasy allows the development of robots using process recording. After saving your process, the robot structure is automatically generated and the user will only need to fill in missing information on the objects.

Studio Recorder will speed up the automation of your processes


It is possible to develop a robot in ultra low-code, sadvanced programming knowledge.


The business owner only needs to record the end-to-end process to have 80% of the robot generated automatically.

More personalized

No matter how specific the process is, you can create a custom robot for it.


The platform relies on AI to break down captchas and capture data from images and documents


The Studio platform RobotEasy platform has objects available to solve captchas automatically. With this it is possible to fill out forms forms, consult data on government sites such as Sintegra, consults of the Post Office, among other things.


With OCR technology technology, you can capture data from documents or images the captured information in your automation. Imagine that your HR receives images of employees’ certificates: in this case, the robot could capture the employee’s name and code, and post the attestation to your HR system. All automated!

Automate your processes using RPA robots with total convenience on the RobotEasy platform