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With RobotEasy you can improve productivity and expand performance in your existing technologies. See some technologies we serve:

Adobe (PDF)
With RPA, business processes are automated, making them more efficient and faster. The combination with Adobe PDF enables automated PDF file manipulation, making document management even simpler and faster.
Microsoft Office 365
Integration with Microsoft 365 will assist in extracting and analyzing data, creating documents, scheduling meetings, and more. Moreover, with integration with communication tools such as Teams, your team will be able to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Harness the full potential of technology to improve your company's productivity and efficiency.
Office Package
RPA integrations with the Office Suite include:

  • Automating data transfer processes between applications, such as importing and exporting information from Excel to Word or PowerPoint.
  • Automatic report generation, based on data obtained from other sources and formatted in Excel.
  • Automating document management processes, such as sorting, indexing, and archiving Word or PowerPoint files.
  • Automatic sending of e-mails based on pre-defined information, using Outlook.
  • Automatic processing of information contained in Excel spreadsheets, such as calculations, data consistency checks, and graphing.

These are just some of the possible integrations of RPA with the Office Package.
RPA automates the data entry routine, while OCR identifies and converts information into digital text. Together, they increase efficiency and reduce human error, ensuring more accurate and reliable processes.
With integration, RPA can control the Windows graphical user interface (GUI), integrate with applications such as Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, perform file and folder management tasks, and integrate with other automation tools. In addition, integration with APIs allows you to access data in other systems and perform tasks.
Our solution automates file transfer, speeding up the process and eliminating human error. In addition, security is ensured by using the SFTP protocol.
The integration allows for better data management and faster decision making.
Banks: MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQ, Progress, SQL Server
Command block
The integration enables accurate process monitoring and data-driven decision making.
Orchestrator (Dashboard/password manager)
The integration creates a complete and effective solution that increases your company's productivity and security.
The integration allows the management of documents in a secure and electronic way, facilitating accessibility and agility in the processes.
With this integration you can securely and easily store, track, and collaborate on automation code, helping to ensure the quality of your work.
RPA can be integrated with Google Maps to geolocate addresses, calculate delivery routes, and collect information about the location of different points of interest. It can also be integrated with Google Cloud Storage to store and manage large amounts of data. This integration enables the automation of backup processes, file storage, and data recovery, making the process more efficient and secure.
AI IBM Watson
By combining robotic automation of repetitive processes with IBM's advanced artificial intelligence, you can harness the power of technology to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your operations. Use Watson's NLP to understand information, Visual Recognition to automate image-based tasks, Discovery to extract valuable insights, and Assistant to improve user interaction. Reach new heights of efficiency with RPA and IBM Watson AI integration.
Web (browser)
With web application integration, you can quickly integrate and run cloud-based web applications to make your daily work easier.
You can run web applications quickly using a cloud infrastructure, enabling greater agility and productivity on a daily basis.
This powerful partner allows you to automate translation processes, saving time and money. Take advantage of advanced language management features that were developed specifically to meet your business needs.
Integration enables companies to get a clear and accurate view of all operations, increasing transparency and decision making. Adopt Roboteasy and transform your processes with SAP.
TOTVS Datasul
The integration of Roboteasy RPA with TOTVS Datasul! TOTVS Datasul is a complete business management solution, integrating areas such as finance, sales, and HR. With the integration of these two tools, it is possible to increase the speed of information processing, improve data management, and free up employees for strategic activities.
The integration of Roboteasy RPA with AWS expands the efficiency of processes to automate repetitive, manual tasks. Combining the automation of Roboteasy RPA with the flexibility and scalability of AWS enables centralized monitoring and optimization of processes through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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